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Privacy Policy

THE KANZASHI TOKYO ASAKUSA(the”Company”)shall comply with Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other relevant laws and regulations, keeping "Reliability First" in mind. For the purposes of appropriately utilizing and managing personal information, the Company shall implement and maintain Personal Information Protection Policy indicated below.

1. Basic attitude

To implement the Personal Information Protection Policy, the Company has established its internal rules and management systems relating to handling of personal information and deliberately anonymized information. The Company shall fully verse its workers, including without limitation officers, employees, contracted employees, part-timers and dispatched personnel, etc., and shall maintain and improve the rules and systems for the appropriate implementation of the Personal Information Protection Policy.

2. Appropriate management

  1. The Company shall hold personal information within the scope required to achieve the intended use of such information. The Company shall make efforts to keep such information accurate and up-to-date.
  2. The Company shall take measures to ensure the appropriate safety management of personal information, and shall make the necessary improvements to prevent the loss, leaking, destruction, alteration, etc. of personal information.

3. Specification of the purposes of utilizing personal information

  1. The Company shall obtain personal information appropriately and fairly. Necessary explanations such as the purposes of collection and utilization of personal information, etc. shall be clearly announced when the Company receives personal information directly from customers, or shall be announced on its website.
  2. The Company shall announce necessary explanations on its website, including the purposes of collection and utilization of personal information, when such information is received indirectly.

4. Compliance with the purposes of personal information utilization

  1. The Company shall use personal information within the scope of the purposes announced on its website.
  2. Should the Company use personal information beyond the purposes announced on its website, the Company shall in advance notify it to persons concerned and shall get their prior consent.

5. Disclosure to third parties

The Company may provide personal information to its group companies, partners, or other such parties, following procedures required by laws, regulations, and other rules.

6. Supervision of contractors

When the Company entrusts personal information, etc. to a third party, it shall supervise that party appropriately to ensure that the information, etc. is managed safely.

7. Disclosure and Correction, etc. of Retained Personal Information

The Company shall respond promptly to requests to disclose, correct, or cease using retained personal information, or other requests relating to such information, after confirming the identity of the person making the request.

8. Handling of deliberately anonymized information

  1. The Company shall announce on its website or elsewhere the necessary explanations required under laws, regulations or other rules when it produces or provides deliberately anonymized information.
  2. The Company shall enact safety measures stipulated under in-house regulations regarding deliberately anonymized information.