A new story that begins here

The main store of ELOISE’s Café is in Karuizawa.
The main building was originally a hall built by an American woman, Eloise Cunningham, for young people who want to become musicians.
The building was about to be demolished because of the exposure to wind and rain for many years, so we took it over in the form of a cafe & share house with being impressed by its history and feelings.
THE KANZASHI TOKYO ASAKUSA has also taken over Kusatsu-tei in the form of a hotel with the respect for the restaurant which has been in this area for over 150 years.
We are the ones who took over the history together.
A new story begins now as [THE KANZASHI TOKYO ASAKUSA x ELOISE’s Cafe].


7:00 - 11:00

For guests staying at THE KANZASHI TOKYO ASAKUSA, we offer a limited number of breakfasts you can select from our popular menu of ELOISE's Cafe.
Please select one item from MAIN DISH and one item from SIDE DISH.
* This service is completely reservation only, and we may close reservations as soon as we reach capacity. Please contact us for more details.




12:00 - 15:00


French toast we reproduced the taste of the Karuizawa main store.
We leave bread in appareil which is based on fresh eggs and milk from Nagano prefecture overnight, so inside is moist.
After receiving an order, we slowly bake at a low temperature to make a fluffy and creamy texture.


Poached egg made from Shinshu eggs on muffins,
Topped with rich homemade hollandaise sauce.
Milk Ranch dressings for fresh vegetables from Shinshu!

MIKASA Hotel Curry

Beef curry made by slowly simmering large beef based on the traditional curry sauce of Mikasa Hotel!

Local Vegetable Salads

We have toppings and original dressings for fresh vegetables from Shinshu!


Slowly simmered soup with melty cheese. We recommend a set with toast.


A healthy and gentle smoothie made with a plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits!


Specialty Coffee

  • Cunningham Blend (Dark Roast)
  • Asakusa Blend (Medium Roast)
  • Hawaiian Special Coffee

Premium tea  

  • Benifuki Satsuma Tea

Soft Drink

  • Iced Coffee
  • Iced Tea
  • Homemade Lemonade
  • Homemade Ginger Ale
  • Shinshu Apple Juice
  • 100% Orange Juice
  • Karuizawa Beer
  • Non-Alcohol Beer

Reservation & Inquiries