Special Hospitality of Asakusa Halloween

Thank you very much for choosing to stay with THE KANZASHI TOKYO ASAKUSA.

As part of our Halloween special event, THE KANZASHI TOKYO ASAKUSA will be decorating the windows near the entrance of the hotel until October 31st (Tuesday).
On October 31st (Tuesday), we will also be distributing Asakusa’s famous “Kaminari Okoshi” confection exclusively to our guests.

Window Decorations:

Renowned art creative studios that work on window decorations for famous brands worldwide have designed and adorned our windows.
The design blends Japanese and Western styles to express Japan’s kawaii culture. Featuring ghosts wearing kanzashi hairpins, inspired by the hotel’s name, THE KANZASHI TOKYO ASAKUSA, these decorations are designed for guests and also open to nearby residents and tourists to take pictures with.
You’re welcome to capture memories of this fusion of Japanese and Western Halloween in front of our window decorations.

Kaminari Okoshi Distribution:

On October 31st (Tuesday), we will be distributing the famous Asakusa confection, “Kaminari Okoshi” exclusively to our guests.
We have partnered with Tokiwado Kaminari Okoshi Honpo, a renowned store selling Asakusa’s specialty, to provide our guests with a special treat.
We look forward to offering our unique hospitality, which emphasizes collaboration with the local community and showcases the charm of Asakusa, exclusively at THE KANZASHI TOKYO ASAKUSA.

#Feel Asakusa!